Video Production Business Tip - Marketing Suggestions to Increase your Business

One important thing I've learned in almost Two decades of being inside the video production market is that when you need to be crazy successful, you have to find certain "accelerators" that may propel you forward in manners traditional marketing can't or won't.

Here's an example of how I used an "accelerator" marketing tactic which has the opportunity to be a huge revenue boost in my production company this season.local business video production

I recently ended and delivered a kick butt fundraising video to get a local non-profit. It simply so happens that this chapter is just one of a lot more than 800 inside the same organization worldwide. When I delivered the DVDs to my local client, Gurus them the next questions...

1. Would you take on other chapters associated with your company? Or, can you each have your own personal territory without the overlap? The solution was there had not been competition between chapters. (very good news) small business videos

2. Do you consider other chapters could be considering using a similar fundraising produced on their behalf? A better solution was an astounding YES!

3. If you're okay with utilizing your video as the "template" that people can customize for each and every chapter's specific needs, are you available to us offering it at a discounted price because most with the work had been completed? The answered yes again.

4. As we offered other chapters an amount of $2,500 a personalized video, would it be okay if we gave $500 of the revenue back to the local chapter since you're the one that took the risk in the first place to cover the initial production? They love this idea but need to talk with headquarters and their local board of directors to make certain it's okay to allow them to collect cash in this way. They paid $3,500 for the production therefore the other chapters would obtain a discount of $1,000 that is pretty good.

5. An amount be the best way to get this in front of all of those other chapters to ascertain if there is any interest? At this stage within the conversation, their wheels are turning plus they said they'd need to get returning to me in what the best approach may be for this.

When I'm working on an "accelerator" in my business, I enjoy execute a "What's the revenue potential basically get 100% with the chapters wanting to change the template?" exercise. Of course, we won't come anywhere near this but it's still fun to dream at the front end with the deal.

800 chapters x $2,500 = $2,000,000

Wow! And this shows me the upside of the potential here. Now, consider what's possibly the worst of all scenario... 1% decide to benefit from our officer.

800 chapters x.01 = 8

8 chapters x $2,500 = $20,000

Over the internet, the worst of all scenario remains well worth the effort so long as I'm smart concerning the time and cash I put into getting these new customers.

Another cool factor is that even when I only get yourself a 1% return on the initial push, there's still 99% of this micro niche area that I can approach with future marketing efforts over time.

If you feel about it, it is possible to apply this approach to just about any type of video you have produced for the customers within your video production company.


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